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DING DING WONG…Why such a drastic move? January 4, 2011

Posted by dora1988 in PC.

Why the Peace Corps Well I have always wanted to work for the government or for an international development organization, I enjoy helping people since I am not rich I can’t donate much money so I donate my time. I know time is a precious commodity and I choose to use it doing something positive for others but also, I have always been interested in working for organizations such as the UN, USAID, and The State Department, WHO, The World Bank or any international development organization and I believe PC will give me that opportunity. I enjoy traveling and learning about new and exciting cultures and places. I have known about the PC since high school and I have always wanted to join but wanted to gain more experience and skills before I begin my application process, I am so excited about this journey and embrace it, I know my 2 years will be difficult but I am up and ready for the challenge, this is an opportunity for me to write my future the way I want to live it out, most importantly I am eager to learn as much about Ethiopia over the next 4 months!!!

When I am finished with my services…well I plan on attending graduate school and while in grad school apply to different internships with some international development organizations (UN, WHO, etc) so can go into that field of work. What I don’t want to do after the Peace Corps is move back to Houston, I love Texas and I have Texas Pride, Houston is a great town but the atmosphere is just WAY TOO conservative it has the potential of becoming an up incoming major international city, but I don’t see that happening anytime in the next 2 yeas but there is hope; when Houston becomes a big international city with reliable public transportation then I have no problem moving back, but for now it doesn’t capture my imagination and I long for something better and more interesting. NO SLACKING!!! I WANT TO LIVE OUT MY DREAMS… I also don’t plan on getting married anytime in the next ten years so that is strictly out of the question I want to be a career woman I want to have a career, be my own person, and enjoy life, have my freedom before I potentially give up my rights because you don’t know what ppl are really like until you marry them and all the ugly heads begin to emerge; and I am not sold of the idea at all it might be perfect for some people but im a skeptic; there are lots of things I have heard and seen, plus my 62year old aunt who happens to be married wished she were single LOL….. And most importantly I don’t want to stop volunteering, I plan on remaining active within the community I live in, even if I become a millionaire I always feel like physically serving is much more valuable than the monetary sum donated to a cause, though money is still very nice and makes the world go round and round!!!

One important lesson I am learning while going through this process is that I have to write my life the way I want it and the way I want to live it, sure family and friends have an influence and can make a suggestion but at the end of the day the decision is mine, I will be the one deciding if I want to work for a specific organization, I will be the one deciding where I want to live, sure things don’t always go as planned but the key is not to give up on your dreams to satisfy others or pursue a career you feel someone else thinks will give you the picturesque family of four. Everyone wants to be comfortable and enjoy life, but what I find enjoyable might me be misery for someone else, just like I LOVE horror movies but some people are repulsed by it….so the lesson here is STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF eventually you will find your way through that mushroom cloud we call life, I know I just started to break through the first layer I have a long ways to go. HASTA LA BYE BYE!!

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1. clementinaN - January 5, 2011

I understand the way you feel 100%. I wish you the best on this new embarked journey of yours. I will definitely take your advise about writing your own future.

dora1988 - January 12, 2011

AWWWWWWWWWw thanks clemmmmm!!!!!! ill keep you updated yo!!!

2. Spencer Sator - January 12, 2011

Hey! Saw your blog and thought I’d welcome you to Ethiopia! My name is Spencer and I’m part of the Environment group that arrived in September 2010. Just wanted to let you know that as you prepare for this wild, crazy adventure that you can always holler with any questions on what to pack, how to prepare, what to expect, etc: xakota@gmail.com. I’m happy to share any wisdom I may have. Hope all is well and we’ll see you guys in a few months! Cheers!

dora1988 - January 12, 2011

OHHH!!! thanks I will def. follow up if I have any preguntas (questions) im super excited!!!

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