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My journey from Applicant to an Invitee went like this…………… January 19, 2011

Posted by dora1988 in PC.


Application Began very end of August 2010 and Received invite Dec. 2010

August 28th  to Septembre 2nd  2010  - Finished and submitted application

September 14th    - Interviewed and Nomination: Community Development Worldwide

September 21st – Officially Nominated

September 25th  – Received nomination letter and medical kit

October 25th  – Sent Medical Kit

November 28th 2010-Medically Cleared

December 5th- Heard from Placement Assistant for updated resume

December 8th- Final Placement review complete

December 14th- Contact with placement officer for the first time asking if I would accept an invite for a small business program in Africa leaving May 2011

December 21st- Received Invite in Mail for Ethiopia May 2011

December 23rd- Accepted Invitation

December 28th- Began Invite paperwork

January 5th  2011- Received Dental Clearance

Now I’ve completed a bulk of my paperwork and beginning to make my list of things to by, grad schools and the different programs I want to apply to, looking at different organization I am interested in working for in the future and their requirement, and relaxing and enjoying life.

I kept in close contact with my recruiter throughout the whole process, I contacted my medical nurse assistant once due to a redo test but problem was resolved quickly, a bulk of my time was spent on my teeth, I needed to remove my wisdom teeth

Hasta La Bye Bye!!

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1. Nikki - January 20, 2011

hey there. i’m a current HED volunteer in ethiopia. you can email me if you have any questions! enjoy your last few months

dora1988 - January 20, 2011

i will try and enjoyyyyyyy my last few months I will hit you up with all of my questionsss

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