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NEPA Bring Back The Light January 20, 2011

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My name has always been a conversation starter….Amaka…..

“Oh that’s a pretty name where are you originally from”, giggle, I’m from Nigeria,

 “Oh I know some Nigerians that is next to KENYA right?” LOL at that point I am dying inside of laughter usually I just keep a straight face and correct the incorrect geographic location.

To avoid embarrassing moments and geographic mix-ups usually when I am asked about my origin I will simply state:

I am from Africa… “Ohhh cool which part” West Africa… “Oh ok do you speak French”… Nope from a Former British Colony….. “Oh ok….” Nigeria… “Oh ok I have family that works in the Oil Region of Nigeria”… that is cool, that is exactly where I am from…. “Cool lots of Nigerians in Houston”…. Yea too many….. “ Haha Yeah I know, you don’t have an accent”….Yeah I move over when I was very young…. “Cool so do you visit” Yep my last visit was winter 2010…. “Awesome, what is it like” Well the city reminds me of the US, internet, shower, satellite TV, AC, shopping, watching movies at the mall, I mean not too different if you are staying in the capital, just do not try driving you will have major problems.

Now the village well LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of MOSQUITOS oh they just love biting me ohhhh I have so many battle scars that haven’t gone away completely and I have a feeling my stay in Ethiopia will have plenty of mosquito bites, sand fly bites, ohhhhh I am just imagining lol and then the bucket showers I remember those while staying in the village (Nigeria), ohhhhh no electricity everything is powered by a diesel generator half the time since NEPA (the national electric company is so corrupt and incompetent) ….I know I will have plenty of bucket showers this time around enough to last two years…but hey its worth it because despite the bucket showers and the many mosquito bites I still enjoy myself….

What I know besides the malaria, mosquitoes, and bucket showers; Ethiopian culture is still very different from Nigerian or any West African culture for that matter, often times we clump Africa all together assuming everyone is alike or speak the same language or even look alike, but that is SOOO WRONG Africa is the most diverse continent on earth and Nigeria is one of the most heterogeneous country on Earth similar to the United States and Spain.

As I wait in anticipation for my trip I always remember besides the bucket showers and mosquitoes Ethiopia will be completely different than the part of Africa I know, and that is exactly what I wanted, I do not know much about East Africa and opportunity is more than perfect for me!!! I can’t wait, but for now I will enjoy the running water, electricity, and endless internet access…booooyahhhh!!!

I just started making a list of what I need to buy…my only dillemia is trying to decide which shoe to leave home…oh brother thank God I have time to gather my self  I realize the stuff I packed when going to Nigeria I never really used so I really want to make sure I pack what I will use in Ethiopia,  as time draws nearer I will hit up all those PCVs in Ethiopia for help!!!

Hasta La BYE BYE!!!

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1. geoguist - January 25, 2011

we should save up our pc vacation days and go to nigeria, please! i almost went in college because i studied yoruba, but stupidly i turned down the trip and will never stop regretting it. i’ll master the bucket baths and mosquitoes in ethiopia, and be good to go!

2. dora1988 - January 25, 2011

LOL!!! SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN you will enjoy it!!!

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