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Posted by dora1988 in PC.

It has been a pretty long time since I updated my blog!!

Woot….well I have been living in Ethiopia for 3 months now and for the most part I love it….last night my landlord was blasting Ethiopian church music and I was in my room secretly jamming to it, then it really hit me that I AM LIVING IN Ethiopia. Ethiopia is so different mainly the time system and the months…there is habesha time and ferengie time, there is a habesha calendar and a ferengie calander….To introduce you to words…Habesha is what most highland Ethiopians call themselves and Ferengie means white person but they call most foreigners ferengie. The time system was super confusing I still don’t get some of it but for the most part I get it….it takes time because I have to specify which time system I am using…Ethiopian or Western Time.

Any who, our Pre-sevice training was in Arsi Oromia Region (Most of all the Ethiopian Olympic Long Distance Runners come from this region) and my permanent site is in Shewa on the border of Shewa and Welega  It is beautiful over here but very raining and muddy, and my town is incredibly HOT and 80% of my town is a Malaria zone. For the most part I like my town, I am about 230km from Addis Ababa or Finfinee (Original name of Addis Afan Oromo), right now there is major road construction so the travel time has gone up! The big towns next to me are Ambo (East) and Nekemt  (West) the main language in my town is Afan Oromo but Amharic is widely spoken….I will admit I like Oromifa better than Amharic, mainly cause I can actually read it and people get super excited when I speak Oromifa.

I cook for myself everyday which is totally different from back home because usually my mother did most if not all the cooking, it is a little hard for me because I really don’t like cooking, but I did not realize that I was such a good cook till I forced myself to actually do it; as a result of that my landlord’s family has asked me to cook for them and back in Arsi I cooked for my host family. I have gotten pretty creative with the stuff I make, it is Ethiopian food with my very own spin.  I have def. become a lot more domestic as in I am cleaning my house like every 4 hours as a preventative measure to keep the bugs away!!!!!! I wash my clothes by hand then line dry it no washing machine…I find myself changing as a person every day, doing things I never thought I would do back home or ever in life….



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1. Odera Onyinyechwuku - September 1, 2011

AHHH AMAKA!!! seems like you’re having sooo much fun! LUCKY!!! compared to houston everything is school school school now! i’m totally jelly!!!!

2. dora1988 - September 18, 2011

what do u mean totally jelly!!!! anyways study hard lil sister

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